Establishment escalating attacks on SKWAWBOX and other left media


The Establishment and its media allies have long had the knives out for what might best be termed the ‘new left media’ (NLM), such as the SKWAWKBOX, Canary, Evolve Politics,  Another Angry Voice and others. Small wonder, since we’re a major inconvenience for them, often disrupt their attempts to control the political narrative – and were an integral part of Labour’s General Election surge.

The last few days have seen a significant escalation in the nature of the Establishment’s attacks.

First, Guardian pontificator Jonathan Freedland launched into a vilification of those whom he blames for the lack of trust in the ‘MSM’ (mainstream media), directly linking independent news sites to the vile murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The article was originally titled “Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder shows where hatred of the media can lead” but later changed to “Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder shows why hatred…

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EXCLUSIVE: People on Universal Credit are being refused prescriptions and dental care

Govt Newspeak

GPs and dental practices can’t tell who is eligible for free treatment under Universal Credit – meaning some claimants are going without

People are being denied prescriptions and dental care because practices do not know whether Universal Credit claimants are eligible for free treatment, according to evidence seen by Left Foot Forward.  

Under the current welfare regime, those on certain benefits – such as Jobseekers’ Allowance – receive free NHS prescriptions and dental treatment, Healthy Start vouchers and other government-funded support.

But the Conservatives’ Universal Credit scheme wraps several benefits into one. While the principle has broad cross-party support, dental practices and GPs are now unsure who is eligible to receive free treatment.

Those on working tax credits, for example, are not eligible for free treatment – but practices have no information on whether UC claimants are receiving the tax credits element of UC, in which case they’re ineligible, or…

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If you have a Tory friend, now is the time for your friendship to end


Labour MP Laura Pidcock made a sensible comment about not being friends with Tory MPs.  Anyone opposed to Tory destruction of society welcomed Pidcocks’s remarks.  The comments were mocked by right-wing media and Tory MPs, but Tory MPs never care about being disliked.

Predictably, the useless centrist gloop ambled over to butt in because it prefers not to miss any limp opportunity to attack a colleague of Corbyn.  The problem for the Progress and Guardian types is that even Labour supporters who are not huge Corbyn fans were still supportive of what Laura Pidcock said, but that didn’t stop the professional centrists from droning on.

Happy friends
As laughable as it sounds, happy stories about Labour and Tory politicians being pals are a theme of the centrist analysis.  Part-time Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff’s Fiercest of rivals, best of friends, (“researched” before Laura Pidcock’s comment), contains a few embellished…

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Activate! De-activate!


Jeremy Corbyn and the non-Progress section of the Labour Party enthused a desire to vote for people under forty at the first of this year’s general elections; this included many first-time voters.  A variety of surveys and polls since the election have revealed a large majority of support for Labour for people aged twenty-five and under.  

Even when the Tories have had large majority support in the entire electorate Labour received more votes from first-time voters but the size of Labour’s majority support among younger people now is the largest it’s ever been.  There are several reasons for the gap between Labour’s and the Tories’ respective appeals to the younger voters including Labour’s shift leftward, Tories’ increasing incompetence, a reaction to Brexit – a minority of younger people voted to leave the EU, and the success of Momentum as a galvanising organisation.  Momentum is not specifically a youth movement but…

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Centre For Social Justice


(Website: Centre For Social Justice)


“The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) was established as an independent think-tank in 2004 to put social justice at the heart of British politics and make policy recommendations to tackle the root causes of poverty.”

Created by Iain Duncan-Smith, whose actions as DWP minister caused death, destitution and homelessness, particularly for people with disabilities, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) exists to absolve the government’s policies of cause or blame for rapidly increasing desperate poverty of millions of people in Britain.  It seeks to achieve this misdirection by re-defining poverty as entirely the fault of those who suffer with it.

The CSJ’s assessment methodology is to describe what it pretends to perceive is a cause of poverty with no reference whatsoever to the existence of government policy that fails to help the individual or, indeed, that exacerbates the problem.  Three examples of this twisted…

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