Why I won’t be giving up the fight for a socialist Labour Party

Absolutely spot-on! Excellent piece Jeff. I won’t be running away either.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


I’d like you to picture a scene. A father and son are hunched over their beers. They’re embroiled in a sometimes heated political debate. Strangely their politics are in complete alignment. Both are socialists. They are each sick of living in a society where greed and private profit take precedence over the needs of millions. Yet they are arguing with each other. Why?

Labour, a political party they have supported their whole lives and one headed by a man who shares their vision for a better society, appears to be struggling. It has lost an election and their enemies, both internal and external are circling, eager to pick at the carcass. How could the very people the party was founded to protect have forsaken it?

The older of the two argues that, although he agrees completely with everything Labour stands for, that’s just not what people want now. He goes…

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Government subverts judicial process and abandons promise on mental health ‘parity of esteem’ to strip people of PIP entitlement

Politics and Insights

2014-02-17-BurdenoftheCuts-thumbPersonal Independence Payment is a non means tested benefit for people with a long-term health condition or impairment, whether physical, sensory, mental, cognitive, intellectual, or any combination of these. It is an essential financial support towards the extra costs that ill and disabled people face, to help them lead as full, active and independent lives as possible.

Before 2010, policies that entailed cutting lifeline support for disabled people and those with serious illnesses were unthinkable. Now, systematically dismantling social security for those citizens who need support the most has become the political norm.

Any social security policy that is implemented with the expressed aim of “targeting those most in need” and is implemented to replace a policy that is deemed “unsustainable” is invariably about cost cutting by reducing the eligibility criteria for entitlement. The government were explicit in their statement about the original policy intent behind Personal Independence Payment. However, those…

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Lessons from Copeland (and a couple from Stoke)


All too predictably, the media this morning are completely focused on Labour’s defeat last night in Copeland, with questions about Corbyn’s leadership repeated ad nauseam and Stoke treated almost as an irrelevant footnote.Genuine Labour supporters are understandably disappointed, but most are rallying and asking ‘what’s next?’.

Here are a few observations from the by-elections that you’re highly unlikely to hear from a mainstream obsessed with finding reasons for more Corbyn-bashing and the lessons that flow from them for how what many are now calling ‘ordinary Labour’ to take forward.

Taking the fight to..

‘Taking the fight to the Tories’ is a mantra on both sides within the Labour party. But what has become clear during this campaign is that, for the pro-Corbyn left, taking the fight to the Tories means ‘first clean house‘.

From Tony Blair‘s ridiculous ‘rise up against Brexit’ intervention last week and Mandelson

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