How can a party lose support but gain seats? The upside-down world of Westminster’s voting system


How do the Tories win elections despite their shambolic track record?

Wear Red Stand up and Be counted

Wear Red - How do Tories win elections

Having been literally asked this question by a friend, it prompted us to try and supply some sort of answer to the age old question… why is the default vote setting for many people Conservative despite their terrible track record and ongoing omni-shambles in government?

Well, of course there’s more to it than the information contained in the image above, but in essence we believe this is the baseline answer. The mainstream media must make the voting public more scared of a potential Labour government – more than how angry they’ve become at the Conservative’s policies & austerity agenda. This is the fundamental driver behind how the establishment aim to control the ballots, not by winning over voters with an inspiring progressive plan for the future, but rather to control public perception by convincing the public that no matter how bad things are under the Tories, they will always be…

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