A Dark Day for Internet Freedom – #Article13 and the EU Digital Single Market



#Homeless people kicked out of underpasses ‘so MPs can get to work’

Govt Newspeak

Exclusive: Rough sleepers say police cleared out tunnels around Westminster Tube station citing 195-year-old Vagrancy Act

Westminster Tube station tunnel close to the Houses of Parliament

A group of homeless people were kicked out of public tunnels next to the Houses of Parliament. One man claimed he was told by a police officer that an MP had complained about their presence.

Two of the men who had been sleeping in the tunnels to keep warm told The Independent that Metropolitan Police officers ejecting them had cited section four of the Vagrancy Act 1824 – the 19th century law which criminalises rough sleeping and begging.

One man said a police officer had also mentioned clearing the tunnels, which connect Westminster Tube station to an entrance to parliament, “so the MPs can get to work”.

Elliot, 22, who has been homeless since he was 16, said: “I was in the tunnel reading my Bible. I had just woken up and was still…

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It’s not the hungry who gain most from food banks – it’s big business

Govt Newspeak

The government is essentially subsidising firms to waste food, then redistribute it to
it to boost their reputations. It’s grotesque.
 ‘Studies by food poverty researchers over many years have shown the damage to people’s dignity that using food bankings causes.’ 

Who benefits from food banks? The donors? The volunteers? The recipients? You might be surprised – and dismayed – to learn that big food corporations from around the world revel in the wonderful world of food banks.

This week, the Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI) annual conference takes place in London for the first time. This gathering, organised by the Chicago-based Global FoodBanking Network, has long been held at the US’s largest food bank in Houston. This year’s meeting is scheduled for a couple of days before Brexit was due to take place, the break with Europe that experts predict will increase food poverty, and hence the need for…

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Never before in UK history has so much been owed to so many by so few

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

It is worth bearing in mind that a government is not the country, it is not the people, it is not society and, most especially, it is not community or the daily reality of people’s lives.

Good governance is like grease on a bearing, never to be confused with the bearing itself, which actually does the work.

Remember how Margaret Thatcher broke the unions, shut the mines and devastated the communities of those who mined the black gold? What an astonishing achievement, given that no government ever extracted a single lump of coal from the earth to warm the hearth and heart of another human being.

There is no greater tyrant than a government that gets above itself, that believes in the myth of its own privilege and which ceases to serve, to become the master.

When the people become the slaves of government, the game is over and the…

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