What are right-wing people? – a guide for under 10-year-olds


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toby young cartoon

This is Toby. Toby thinks he is great. Toby likes to tell other people how they can be great too. Toby is what we call a ‘right-wing’ person.

But what are ‘right-wing’ people?

Right-wing people are people who think they are great. Right-wing people think everyone can be great too if only other people were a bit more like them. Right-wing people think they know how to do things better than other people.

Some right-wing people even think they know better than experts. If you have a tummy ache, normal people go to a doctor. Normal people listen to the doctor and do what they tell them to do.

But right-wing people don’t like to listen to doctors. Right-wing people think they know better than doctors.

jeremy cartoonThis is Jeremy. Jeremy thinks he knows better than doctors.

Right-wing people also think they know better than firemen how to put out fires. And they think they know…

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Anti-semitism. How Corbyn was stitched up like a kipper.

Iain Macwhirter

HOWcould a life-long opponent of anti-semitism like Jeremy Corbyn end up being accused of condoning anti-semitism in the Labour Party? Well, the Commons Home Affairs committee doesn’t actually accuse him of that, but of failing to provide “adequate leadership” and creating a “safe space” for anti-semites,whatever that means.

The home affairs committee says that the succession of highly publicised episodes of anti-semitism in the Labour Party mean Jeremy Corbyn must be failing to halt it. It is a charge that cannot be rebutted because the very premise carries an imputation of guilt. Similarly, the Labour peer, Shami Chakrabati’s, report must be a “whitewash” because Labour is demonstrably riven with anti-semitism.

But the evidence for this is highly dubious. It is mainly based on the assertion, as the report puts it, that: “a racist incident is one perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. It cites a…

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Ministerial duo face questions after misleading MPs over PIP

Ministerial duo face questions after misleading MPs over PIP

Priti Patel replaces Foreign Aid with Bribery Budget

Media Diversified

by Maurice Mcleod

To say Britain has a troubled foreign policy history is like saying Brock Turner has a dubious history on women’s issues.

As the Empire unravelled and turned into Commonwealth, old colonial methods for extracting resources from some of the poorest nations on Earth to furnish the UK’s wealth changed to stealthier trade deals. While on the surface many of these deals seemed to guarantee much needed money for countries around the world, they often came with stipulations that had very negative impacts on the populations of those countries. Moves to restrict the power of multi-national companies and to take back control of the vast natural resources that many of the countries were sitting was strictly prohibited as the UK sought to keep the milk from its foreign cash cows flowing.

The UK’s International Development Budget was never supposed to be linked to these deals. The idea…

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The Nudge Unit’s u-turn on benefit sanctions indicates the need for even more lucrative nudge interventions, say nudge theorists

Some context: the new neuroliberalism and “behavioural insights” The behaviourist turn in government administration – the use of targeted citizen behavioural conditionality in neo…

Source: The Nudge Unit’s u-turn on benefit sanctions indicates the need for even more lucrative nudge interventions, say nudge theorists

Adam Curtis: another manager of perceptions | Jonathan Cook Blog

Adam Curtis: another manager of perceptions