Lie after lie after lie from Boris Johnson at Prime Ministers questions today. Watch in disbelief.

After a miserable decade of austerity and inequality, how did the Tories get re-elected?

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How Britain voted 2019 age-01

Voting preferences according to age in the 2019 general election.

I’m writing a series of articles about the general election results in December. I’m looking for opinions on this topic. 

If you’re interested in writing about the election, drop me a message here at Politics and Insights.

George Monbiot’s view

George Monbiot says:  “Something has changed: not just in the UK and the US, but in many parts of the world. A new politics, funded by oligarchs, built on sophisticated cheating and provocative lies, using dark ads and conspiracy theories on socialmedia, has perfected the art of persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich. We must understand what we are facing, and the new strategies required to resist it.

“When the…

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DWP stop man’s PIP support after assessor claims amputated foot has ‘healed’

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Tommy Weir says the reference in his Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment report to his left foot was either ‘gross incompetence or simply a lie’ because he doesn’t have a left foot.

A man who had his foot amputated because of a health condition has had his social security support cut after an assessor claimed a wound on his non-existent foot had “completely healed”.

Despite the evident error in the Department for Work and Pensions report, Tommy Weir’s £479 a month payments were immediately stopped last month.  

Weir suffered from a bone infection which led to life-threatening sepsis and an eventual amputation of his leg under the knee in October 2017.

He was initially examined at his home and awarded a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as he cannot walk without the aid of a prosthetic leg. Before becoming too ill to work, Weir was a swimming pool manager.

The assessment…

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