Illness update and thoughts on the new Labour leader

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by Martin Odoni

First off, thanks to those who left me nice messages of support last month when I fell ill with the CoVid19 fever. I am happy to report that I have more-or-less recovered now. I am one of the lucky ones, in that my case was relatively mild, even if it has been maddeningly persistent. I am no longer showing most of the symptoms, apart from a lingering cough, and I do not think my lungs have suffered any lasting damage. Sadly, with all indicators suggesting that the pandemic is out-of-control across the country and poised to be even worse than the disaster in Spain, I fear my case should not be seen as the ‘standard’ example.

So. Keir Starmer is the new leader of the Labour Party. I cannot hide my despair at how many Labour members did not seem to realise that they were voting for…

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