Are they joking? UN poverty expert thought Tory response to his report was a ‘spoof’

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

Philip Alston: He came to his conclusions by listening to people affected by Conservative policies on the poor, sick and disabled. Tories implemented those policies by ignoring the very same people – and now they are complaining because Mr Alston hasn’t done the same.

Personal comment From Fear and Loathing in Great Britain: ” The lesson to learn from the government response to Philip Alston’s report on extreme poverty in the UK is that the Conservatives are driven by a deadly narcissistic ignorance that puts every one of our lives at risk, the exact same brutal ignorance that gave rise to workhouses. “

At a time when we are all taking a long, hard look at the Conservative government of the last few years, this is damning.

Philip Alston, the New York-based human rights lawyer and United Nations rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, has responded with disbelief after…

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Word Factory

In the silence of a grave
In the word’s of someone’s hero
A blue television screen
Words don’t mean anything
In this word factory
Replacement parts are free
Pictures of failed ideas
Only took me 15 years

All your words can not describe
The attitudes that lie inside
Subculture killed at birth
Got bored and slowly died
In the silence of a graveyard
Someone’s talking to himself
Oh! what a let down
Oh! what a boring let down!

Such a perfect face
Words are such a waste
let me paint a picture of you
And hang it in this empty place

Can I quote from your ideas
Hang your excuses on the wall
Devalued words
Blown up to mean sod all
oh! what a let down!
oh! what a boring let down!

Did you just say something?
It must have blown away
Got bored and slowly died
Forget what you have to say
Who wrote this anyway?

I’d rather look at you…..

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans
From the ; Time Flies (but aeroplanes crash) EP.