Government of first and last resort

This is excellent-a must read!!


Politicians and many an economist want growth. Growth of anything. Growth of anything because people producing means consumers consuming; means profit for the employers. Trickle down…

But, that there are so many earning below the tax threshold means the Treasury gets less revenue. The low waged and no-wage workers require subsidies from the government to make up the shortfall. This is paid for by the taxpayers. There are fewer taxpayers. And, naturally, then, less money around to buy stuff.

How is growth to be made suddenly possible in the hands of those who, after years of failure, plan to stick to what so obviously hasn’t worked? What on earth makes anyone think the NeoCons can hold back another recession when it is by their neoliberal policies, that it is ensured, at least for us Lilliputians? And what exactly is it hoped or intended that we “grow”? More of the dubious…

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