Concern over government’s ‘dreadful’ response to MPs’ ‘fitness for work’ report

Tory Britain!
I see Mark Harper, the Minister for the Disabled, has voiced more aggressive steps are
to be brought in for those in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of the ESA.
Forcing them to sign a Claimant Commitment, which will put them under similar conditions as ordinary unemployed job seekers, with the threat of being sanctioned if the DWP think they aren’t trying hard enough to find work, is absolutely abhorrent.
To still expect genuinely sick people to spend their days physically searching for work, whilst having the threat of sanctions hanging over them, is not only cruel its positively vindictive.
Since the so called “Reforms” in 2012, this unelected Tory government has not only shit on the poor, sick, disabled, homeless, the unemployed AND even those who are employed, albeit it in low pay, zero hour or part time contracts, they are still not happy with misery and…

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