We have created a fear-based, bread and circus economy


“A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Ambition, aspiration, growth, expansion, The ‘Market’, competition, choice, profit… These terms, once of generally positive prosody, are now so politically distorted that they are almost like dirty words; their modern economic and political applications have wrought havoc, causing stress, distress, anxiety, paranoia and dis-ease on personal, national and global levels. We have created a fear-based, bread and circus economy. How have humans become so hungry for the superfluous and superficial? Addicts, filling holes to avoid facing that which caused the holes to form. How did we reach such a state of denial and hubris that desolation and hedonism are as the twin pillars of Society?

It’s not wrong to want new things and better things, from essentials to luxuries to frivolities but we seem to be enslaved by our material desires and acquiring status. We’ve built a whole…

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