No wonder we call them ‘neo-liberal’


Devotees and proponents of the ‘Free’ Market Right think Life is about survival of the fittest, through competition and independence and they like to see this as taking personal responsibility. They think all socio-economic policies should reflect this, from welfare to health to education. Heck, anything and everything. They want ‘small’ government because they think ‘big’ government is paternal and interfering and prevents the freedoms they claim to espouse. They like to say that the State is too big; that it gets in the way. They tend to use the State and the Government as interchangeable concepts, perhaps because their thinking genuinely sees them as the same thing or perhaps purely because it is a neat little doublespeak trick to promote what is really just me-first ideology.

I think that the State is we, the people, so it should be as ‘big’ as we are and that the Government is…

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