Heads Of State

Heads of State
Down in the basement in the house with the police outside
There’s something secret hidden away
In various crates in a paralyzed state
Are the heads for the mood of the day
There’s one full of piety and one for anxiety
And one for when we’re heading for war
And one for the masses and the privileged classes
And one that does nothing at all

The replaceable heads are for the government leaders
Who always seem to change their politics
Like the head for the nation doesn’t deal with immigration
‘Cos patriots and riots don’t mix
When the head for the day says “I’ll do it this way”
Remember the replaceable head
Because when they get elected their decisions are rejected
Completely contradicting what they said in the first place-makes me so mad.

So don’t trust the politicians
They don’t make their own decisions they haven’t even got their heads screwed on
For everything that’s said it’s just another head
And a politician’s words can be replaced
But maybe I am wrong I mean this is just a song
Is it just that politicians are two-faced?

Lyrics by Dick Lucas
Music – Subhumans (UK)

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