Where Do Ya Draw The Line?

Seems like the more
I think I know
The more I find I don’t
Every answer opens up so many questions
Anarchy sounds good to me
Then someone asks,’Who’d fix the sewers?’
‘Would the rednecks just play king
Of the neighborhood?’

How many liberators
Really want to be dictators
Every theory has its holes
When real life steps in
So how do we feed
And make room for
All the people crowded on our earth
And transfer all that wealth
From the rich to those who need it

Where do ya draw the line?
Where do ya draw the line?
Where do ya draw the line?
I’m not telling you I’m asking you

Ever notice hard line radicals
Can go on star trips too
Where no one’s pure and right
Except themselves
‘I’m cleansed of the system’
(‘Cept when my amp needs electric power)’
Or-The Party Line says no!
Feminists can’t wear fishnets.
‘You wanna help stop war?
Well, we reject your application
You crack too many jokes
And you eat meat

What better way to turn people off
Than to twist ideas for change
Into one more church
That forgets we’re all human beings


In Toronto someone blew up
A cruise missile warhead plant
10 slightly hurt, 4 million dollars damage
Why not destroy private property
When it’s used against you and me
Is that violence?
Or self-defense?
You tell me!

Where do ya Draw the Line?
I’m not telling you
I’m asking you

Lyrics :Jello Biafra
Music :Dead Kennedys

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