Sanctioned for making a spelling mistake.

It really is time these so-called advisors who are piss-poor excuses for humans have their names and pictures spread all over the internet.
It’s shocking, but unsurprising that some of these advisors have taken their new found power and are wielding it with relish. Sad little ppl who’ve found a purpose in making ppl suffer.

The poor side of life

You couldn’t make it up… Well actually it’s become the norm to be sanctioned for making a spelling mistake. A gentleman who spoke to us on our Thursday demo told us that he was put on a three month sanction at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre for making a spelling mistake. He wasn’t given a chance to correct it, or a chance to explain it. He was told very bluntly “we are sanctioning you for spelling this word incorrectly on a form. This will prevent you from getting work so therefore is a sanctionable offence”. This man received a three month sanction for this so called offence. No one bothered to ask him if he was dyslexic or had any other issues which may have prevented him from spelling the word correct. Neither is it a crime to spell a word incorrectly. Indeed we are all human and are prone to…

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