I’ve got the ragged clothes
And the matted down hair
And the cold dark eyes
To provide that icy stare
Some day’s I’m so weak
I feel I’m made of straw
But, unlike a real scarecrow
I do have a heart

I’m feeling like a scarecrow and the people are the crows
I’ve got to look like a menace
So that they don’t come too close
But there’s one thing that these crows can’t see
Sometimes I’m just as afraid of them as they are of me 

Everyday these crows rip at me
But I don’t budge
I’ve become so used to them
To their actions
I am numb
Oh, but some days ignorance is oh, so hard

Lyrics & Music SNFU

SNaFU (Acronym)
American Military Radio-Speak from Vietnam war stands for;
Situation Normal all F***ked Up