Worried you might be a millionaire tax avoider without knowing it? Find out with this QUIZ!

Pride's Purge


Are you worried you might accidentally be dodging the taxman by stashing away a massive fortune in a Swiss bank account without realising it?

After Tory donor Lord Fink said recently that “everyone avoids paying tax“, many people are concerned that they might unwittingly turn out to be a multi-millionaire tax evader who’s been unintentionally donating huge amounts of money to the Tory Party.

Well worry no more!

Simply take this short quiz and find out:

1) You decide you’d like to become a bit more involved in politics. Do you

a) Join a local branch of your preferred party and start handing out leaflets?

b) Find an issue you care about deeply and join a campaign group supporting it?

c) Buy a ticket for the next Tory Party fundraising dinner where you pay £235,000 for a seat at a table next to Iain Duncan Smith and bid £358,00 for a bronze scale model of George…

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