A Warning From History


Have a look at the picture and quote below, an all too familiar cry in oppressive regimes ,one which Britain has become, and where the comfortable, undisturbed greedy,choose to ignore the plight of the poor,the sick , the disabled and unemployed who are being penalised and blamed by governments looking for cheap votes
A society where bankers gain millions for unaddressed crimes whilst
unions,students,nurses,firemen and teachers,(education,health and safety) are punished and gagged from protesting about their rights being eroded,their wages being frozen and their lives being controlled.
Where students are forced to take thousands in loans just to be educated which is a human right , whilst cross party politicians bleed the public dry with enormous expense accounts and participate in second profit making jobs.
There is not a whisker of decency among our parliamentarians in 2015 some may say?
That is not accurate, many MPs possess integrity and…

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