How Easy To Control –The Gullible Masses Are (A few words on how ridiculous being trendy and fashionable is…IMO)

People are so vain and gullible!

Let me get this straight, the fashion powers that be first convince some (a large no) men that it’s cool, trendy and you’ll be far better looking if you remove ALL your body-hair, by whatever (painful and humiliating) means necessary and people do it.
Now though they’ve decided it’s cool, trendy and you’ll fit-in and be better looking if you grow a beard AND PEOPLE DO IT!! So people are vain and gullible enough to shave their chests, have a back, sack and crack (painful and humiliating-surely?) But grow the hair on your face. I’m sure if the vain fashion powers that be claimed a lobotomy was trendy, I’m almost certain people would be queuing out the door, although most would surely be rejected on the grounds their IQ’s are already low enough. UNBELIEVABLE!!

I realise there are far more important things to get angry about, sometimes I just can’t believe how easy it is to control people. And some of these dedicated followers of fashion actually are stupid enough to look down on others who don’t share their pitiful obsession of wearing clothes that other people have told them are now acceptable “this season”. Also how to look/be/act to fit-in and “be cool”. As if following the herd makes you somehow better than someone else. Personally I find it pathetic. It’s unsurprising to me that’s how the so-called elite have managed to manipulate the population for so long, too many vain, self-absorbed, myopic people, if they can’t think for themselves over something so basic as clothing, how the hell could they question the corrupt and broken system we all live under.