Just when you thought it was safe to get a job


The Story so far,,,,,,,,,,,, After a successful interview last week our hero was telephoned by a company conducting a security check after the interview, they stated they wanted the dates that I claimed benefit since being dumped by the CAB March 2012. I tried to explain to them that at present I was attempting to bring down ISIS armed with a packet of wet wipes and a book of Jimmy Carr one liners,,, they couldn’t possibly ask me to do something as pointless as telephoning the DWP in the hope of speaking to a human being rather than an automated response

Nevertheless, I had to try, let me try to explain what calling the DWP is like after the complete balls up by IDS and McVile, I rang the number,after @ 30 seconds ringing I got to an automated message “Thank you for calling” then 60 seconds telling m

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