DWP StageCoach Lurches Along Reform Road With IDS Flogging The Weary Horses For All He’s Worth



IDS flails the horse-whip about while Gove rides Shotgun.  The Indians are galloping behind and are fast approaching the weary band.  Gid, Cameo and Cleggosvitch are in the Cab passing round the Whisky Bottle.  The whole thing lurches dangerously from side to side.  ‘When those Indians catch us there’ll be a bit of scalping I expect’ observes Gid in a tired voice.

  • Councils have been asked by DWP to inform them about bedroom tax tribunal decisions.


GovWatch:  The wheels are coming off the waggon?  Those pesky judicial reviews and those pesky lawyers/judges.  Das ist eineScheiße.  Wasmachen wir jetzt Herrn

Comment:  ‘It certainly looks as if IDS has got his underpants (whether paid for by himself, wife or even the taxpayer) in a right twist

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