Gid Says We Can’t Afford the Welfare State


St James Park Westminster London SW1 08/07/13St James Park Westminster 8/7/13

We can’t afford £4 Million Bankster bonuses either but somehow the money is found.

We pay National Insurance Gid.  We are giving YOU the tax revenue and we expect that it is spent on that for which it was intended and NOT on bombing various Middle East countries mate.

Can’t afford your lunch vouchers Gid.  Not that you seem to need ’em.  If you didn’t eat for a week it might do some good.  However, I have an idea that should move those extra fat sacks around your waist.

Er Hullo NLAT.  Red Jacket?  A bit loud isn’t it?  Oh I see.  The Urban Tory Hunter Pack hasn’t been out for a hunt recently and yes they would greatly enjoy the chase.  Gid could sweat it off in a thicket and …..

The rattle of bridles; the jingle of spurs; the sound of horns…

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