My wife and child are disabled, I care for them. Govt have made our lives a living hell. No government should do this to citizens.

The “Welfare Safety Net” was put in place to figuratively “catch” those who “fell” into hard times. The Govts anti-claimants propaganda has tarred us all with the same “lazy scrounger” brush. I find myself having to justify my claiming benefits by explaining to people I’ve worked from age 16 and I’ve only needed help for last few years due to ill-health. Even then some people only see some illness as being “deserving” of help. Until some people stop looking-down on others and pay attention to what’s being done by politicians then they tacitly support the poor treatment of one section of society over another. The last time in history this was allowed to get out of control, 1000’s died, oh wait!….

Thomas Hemingford

I have no idea why my wife and I ever bothered paying into the system. Which, in turn, means we wonder why we ever bothered working.

People buy into all the TV productions, media headlines and political nonsense about benefits. But the likes of newapaper stories, “Benefits Street” or Benefits Britain are not factually typical or realistic. They are far from representative, and always one-sided.

There is a great myth that has been spun by the government and media; the myth is that welfare benefits were too generous, too high and needed to be cut.

However, the reality is very different from this image that has skewed people’s perceptions of welfare. The truth is that welfare benefits were never too high. Far from it, they were in fact inadequate.

The truth is that pay levels have been and still are grossly insufficient. Combined with high prices and a high cost…

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