1 thought on “Cameron speech admits the systemic flaw in UC and more!

  1. Social housing is being wiped out in London by entire social housing estates being sold off to private developers to build luxury flats.

    Universal Credit will add to the use of Bedroom Tax to empty social housing, because there will be permanent sanctions even to the working poor, who are over 90 per cent of the new claims over the last few years for housing benefit.

    Universal Credit will absorb working tax credits and housing benefit, and may even include council tax support. So permanent sanctions will even further social cleansing all ages out of public housing.

    Vote different on Thursday 7 May and put the Tories out of power. Labour cannot and is on track to become a Tory / Labour / Lib Dem Coalition at the current rate.

    See how poor outnumber all other voters / How ensure are registered to vote (only have til Monday April 20th)?


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