We’re fucked. Now is the time for solidarity.

Another angry woman

We could talk about this election until the whole country falls into the sea as it rightly deserves, but there are more pressing things to address.

I hate to go all Sorting Hat on you, but things are probably going to get very bad, and we need to pull together. What we’re going to need is a lot of fucking solidarity to get through the next five years.

The real politics isn’t in the murderers at Westminster, but it’s the little things close to home, the things we need to do to survive, the things we shouldn’t have to.

Check in regularly with vulnerable people: those of us who are disabled, those who are migrants, the young and the elderly, those who find the means of survival ripped away. Resist, loudly, the lies and the blame thrown towards those of us who find ourselves suddenly much more open to attack…

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1 thought on “We’re fucked. Now is the time for solidarity.

  1. We need alongside the campaigning on the streets, to sign each other’s petitions in large numbers, to make people aware of the scale of the changes coming.

    The flat rate state pension is not £155 per week for all. It is a different amount for different people for decades to come from the SERPs opt out.

    People are getting forecasts as low as £38 per week after 45 years in work.

    For women early retired under the massive austerity job cuts with 30 years National Insurance record, yet having contracted out of SERPs, then the rise to 35 years needed National Insurance is largely irrelevant.

    Becaue next year, each year you were contracted out of SERPs, you lose that year as NI history. The flat rate pays nil state pension for 10 years and below NI record.

    So for paying 10.4 per cent National Insurance contribution and your employer getting a 3.4 per cent rebate on employer NI contribution on your job, you lose that year of payment.

    This and other massive pension changes, means men and women face NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE and Work til you die or starve if you can’t.

    See why at end of my petition, in my Why is this important section, at:

    Signing it even if you are years yet off retirement, as the flat rate is the abolition of the state pension from 2016. And many have nok other pension provision in life, because of poverty and because of private and works pensions having gone bust.

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