2 thoughts on “Mass Workfare, Mass Sanctioning, Food Banks and Pay Day Loans: Welcome to the Recovery

  1. No, no, nothing to do with the mythical recovery in the economy.

    This is the nasty Tory party in full swing now. Nothing stopping them now.

    Least of all Labour on the opposition benches.

    Scotland is safe behind its wall of Scot SNPs.

    Plaid Cymru will protect the Welsh, even if only 3 MPs, as the Welsh NHS is devolved and Wales wants to devolve its welfare as Scotland has done by its Scottish law.

    The New Yorker made a typo mistake and said

    Yes he got the year wrong. Or is it a prophesy?

    Because on and from 6 April, the grey vote will find out the biggest con in UK history has been done to them of believing the flat rate pension was more pension, when it is not even half and for many it will NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    The more this is spread about by word of mouth, in blogs and in social media, whatever your wage, the more this political chicanery will show that especially Tory wives are about to be hit just like all of us.

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