The big lie: Some thoughts on ideology and the Tory victory

Joe Sabatini on ideology, fetishism, and 5 more years of Cameron.

photo: Flickr/Nikita Gazarov photo: Flickr/Nikita Gazarov

On Thursday 7 May, The English Tory Party won a shock victory that was utterly unpredicted and yet so predictable. Everything about the result feels like a consolidation of a power grab that took place in 2010, making 2015 the sequel.

With the corpse still bleeding, I feel unable to engage in a full post-mortem, but will attempt to offer some thoughts on how theories of ideology can contribute to an understanding of the Tory victory.

What is striking in this election is that people voted Tory without illusions in their social background or their record on cuts. The voters knew about the Bedroom Tax, they knew that they were being governed by millionaires in a time of austerity, and they knew that living standards had been squeezed. Yet they still voted Tory. How can this…

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