Arizona Senator Demands Sterilisation and Total Control of Welfare Claimants

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This is another clip on the disgusting attitude towards the poor by the Republicans in America. In it’s of John Iadarola of The Young Turks criticising the proposals made by Howard Pearce, a republican senator in Arizona, for cutting the welfare budget. Pearce said that he would cut the benefits bill by forcing women on welfare to be sterilised or have a coil fitted. Food stamps would only be available for certain foods, so that they poor couldn’t buy steaks or sweets. And their houses would be subject to rigorous inspection similar to military barracks housing on army bases. Here’s the clip:

Now it’s tempting just to shrug this off as the ranting of the American. A lot of Americans would also consider comments like this to be something of a joke as well, just illustrating how nutty and malign some of the Repugs are in the south west. That…

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1 thought on “Arizona Senator Demands Sterilisation and Total Control of Welfare Claimants

  1. This has been done over many years to American Indians – Native Americans in the USA, and the prejudice remains against them to this day, especially Out West.

    Back in the 1980s I even came across guard dogs that did not bark at me, but barked only at American Indians.

    Being as most Americans are armed, I would think this being done against disabled, with many being Vietnam Veternas, might be dangerous for the staff would tried to do it.

    So would you agree to a new party in England, The Swans, that would end all this war on the poor.

    By replacing all benefits admin that just leaves us to starve,
    with money direct to you, as full citizens right, by law and written constitution, to a:

    – Citizen Income
    to at least the amount of money it should be under the EU Social Contract
    universal and automatic to all citizens.

    – Citizen State Pension,
    again as above and same money to all
    irregardless of SERPs opt out or National Insurance record
    or any other considieration
    that is wiping the state pension out for new pensoners
    from next year.

    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    Not s some future wish list, but from the first day in office in the UK government.

    Campaigning is fine. But what happens is Mr Salmond SNP MP’s prediction is right and the tiny majority of the Tories means another general election in 6 months time.


    Show support by saying so in my comments secton under:

    And this is how the party would gain awareness to the public:

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