Encouraging Apathy?

Lyrics for Billboard No1 singles have average reading age of 8yrs old. (Well they don’t want to encourage people to think now do they?)

Encouraging Apathy?
I often wonder if younger people might be a little bit more engaged with politics if they were exposed to politics a little bit more through the people they look-up to and are obviously influenced by, such as musicians, songwriters, comedians, entertainment in general. I think this because from my early teens onwards, the musicians/music/artists/poets/writers I listened to and read were very political, lyrically etc. There were shows like Spitting Image and comedians/entertainers like Ben Elton, although you could describe those two as somewhat mainstream I’m giving them as an example only.Many of my influences could be described as “anti-establishment” the bands and groups printing their own protest pamphlets detailing the different injustices of the time and what groups/organisations were doing to stand up against the wrongs throughout the world, we may not have had social media but we came together through creativity, art, music, poetry etc, it certainly made me and many others more aware of the world around me, offering different points of view, some I agreed with some I despised, but there was more on offer than a bland manufactured consensus and it was a catalyst that enabled me to question, then look for my own answers and come up with a hopefully informed opinion. Something which I feel seems sadly lacking in those that are influencing younger people these days.

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  1. The young have inherited the belief gone viral in their parent and grandparent generation against voting, being interested in politics, and the total contempt of politicians ‘only in it for themselves’.

    Such phrases about MPs as ‘there’s no-one for the likes of us’.

    ‘Yuck. I wouldn’t want to vote for the kind of person that would apply.
    Oh I know duck, they’re despicable aren’t they.
    Oh yeah’ (mouth turned down in disgust).

    But politicians don’t help.

    About the state pension, a Tory MP looked me straight in the eye and informed the truth in law since 1993,

    The young about to lose housing benefit and unemployment benefit yet stuck with a tuition fee debt life long. Never able to live anywhere due to the Bedroom Tax and soaring rents. With social housing gone out of London, with Londoners being rehoused elsewhere in England so taking their social housing, and then their jobs by being forced on workfare and destroying pay or whole jobs of the locals.

    The pension might seem a lifetime away, but the young signing my petition will show up the Tories as betrayers of their own Tory voters, who are mostly us older set, as are most voters left in life.

    So even if you are but 18, you can sign the petition.

    It is the one political thing the young still do, along with joining a campaign group.


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