A Living Wage Now!

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

As the Leicester Mercury ‘revealed’ in their article “Living wage ‘benefits firms’” (Mercury, June 2), many gains accrue to businesses who pay their workers fairly. Yet in the Mercury’s brief summary of a Loughborough University report on this matter, one benefit remained unmentioned, that is, Living Wage bosses can sleep at night with an easy conscience, safe in the knowledge that their employees are paid enough to “meaningfully participate in society.”

Another side-benefit of firms paying a fair-days-pay for a fair-days-worth of profit-making is that an employee who can comfortably pay their rent, bills, and fill their families bellies, will usually be a more productive worker.

Unfortunately the Living Wage bug has yet to really catch on. As of May 2015, only 1,500 of the 5.2 million private sector businesses in the UK have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. And while some in the business community continue…

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