Corbyn for leader

The World Turned Upside Down

It is fantastic that Jeremy Corbyn hasdeclared his intention to stand for leader of the Labour Party.

Put simply, Corbyn’s record speaks for itself. During the Blair years, he opposed the New Labour project at every turn – voting against the privatisation of public services, PFIs, academies, tuition fees, Trident and was a tireless campaigner against Blair’s disastrous and criminal wars.

Corbyn also opposed every capitulation of the previous Labour leadership – voting against the welfare cap and refusing the instruction to abstain over the government’s illegal use of workfare.

As well as being active in the peace movement, Corbyn is a committed supporter of the trade union movement, who has stood on countless picket lines and has proudly addressed Britain’s biggest trade union celebration – the Durham Miners’ Gala.

In short, he is a lifelong campaigner for socialism and peace. There are still plenty of people in the Labour…

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