“Four Days in June,” by Iain Gale

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“Four Days in June,” by Iain Gale (358p)

Four Days in June is the debut novel by Scottish author Iain Gale. It depicts the three battles (Quatre-Bras, Ligny and the main one at Waterloo) from June 15 to June 18 that brought an end to Napoleon for once and for all.

Primarily, Four Days in June tells the story from the viewpoint of five men that fought it: Col. Sir William Howe de Lancey, Wellington’s personal aid; Gen. James MacDonnell; the man defending Hougoumont; Gen. Hans Ernst von Ziethen, commander of a corps of Prussians at Ligny; Marshal Michel Ney, second-in-command of the French Army; and Napoleon. Gale weaves in and out across the four days from the five points of view, constructing a very compelling story in the process with this style of storytelling.

It begins on the 15th with von…

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