I’m a little despot


Our democracy is in distress
And David Cameron does his best
To deal us all a dreadful mess:

I’m a little despot
There’s no doubt
Here lies shambles
Here’s to clout
When division’s roiling
Hear my louts
Split us up and core us out

I’m a special despot
Yes, new blue
Here’s what neoliberals do
I can turn my shambles into a rout
Whip you up and core you out

I’m a little despot
King of snouts
Here’s a tangle
North to South
When the tangle’s boiling
Hear me spout
It’s up to you to sort it out

I’m a special despot
Silent ‘clue’
There’s what who you know can do
I can turn my reason inside out
Tip me up, I might spill out

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