Cameron’s Hypocrisy Goes Off The Scale


The PM likes to call carers ‘unsung heroes and heroines’ who deserve a pat on the back for being angels. But in real life he has made our lives more difficult every day, writes CLIVE ARNOLD for Morning Star.

Prime Minister David Cameron makes a speech at Ransomes Jacobsen in Ipswich, Suffolk, where he set out the Tory path to full employment, promising to keep Britain the "jobs factory of Europe" by backing small business.

ABOUT a week ago David Cameron was asked to rule out cuts to disability benefits as part of George Osborne’s planned £12 billion welfare savings to be outlined this year.
He failed to do so. He failed to say that disabled people would be protected from the constant onslaught of attacks on disability benefits.
Attacks which have caused over 100 people a week to lose their Motability vehicles because of the change from disability living allowance to cost-cutting personal independence payments, which will mean many disabled people will lose their independence and become housebound.
Attacks which mean people being swapped from DLA to PIP having to wait over six months for…

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