#DWP no longer produce data for Hardship Fund – WHY?

It seems to me the DWP has lots of data it would rather not release. IMHO it’s unsurprising as the Tories went ahead with their plans to destroy, yes destroy welfare without any regard for impact to population. I’ve read that ministers disregarded concerns from experts re the Work Capability Assessment, so what else did they disregard? Knowingly and probably willingly implementing programs that they were aware could/would cause irreparable damage and in some cases death to 1000’s. When/if these facts finally come out, I feel those responsible should be charged with crimes against the people of Britain including murder/manslaughter.


In this month we’ve finally seen National (and even International) press, about the DWP’s refusal to publish the numbers of people dying after their benefits had been stopped. This is fully justified and it is with no small thanks to fellow blogger Vox Political for his persistence, that at the time of writing 80,572 people are demanding the DWP release these numbers.

Today in daily updates from whatdotheyknow,  another DWP response caught my eye, a FOI request enquiring about a statement from #Cameron re the Hardship Fund for claimant facing financial difficulties. The request asks several questions including what the Hardship fund is, the criteria for application and the number of applicants, both successful and rejected. The DWP’s response did explain what and how but… regarding the numbers, the response intrigued me:

Data on JSA awards was last published in September 2012 which stated “the number of hardship awards made between April 2011 and March 2012 was about 64,000; it continued with “A commitment was made…

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