JobCentre+ – Staff complaints growing exponentially!

The problem with some people is that a little bit of power can go straight to their heads. In the case of JCP advisors that seems to be coupled with a vicious cruel streak that until now they’ve had to hide.


A recent FOI request received what I think is an intriguing response; one of the questions asked was “the total amount of complaints made against Jobcentre  Plus for the same period, 2010 – 2014″. The response came under the heading of  ‘DWP Staff Don’t Treat Me With Respect’, and the figures make interesting reading –

DWP Complaints – reporting year is from April to March

Reporting YearJobcentre+ Complaints
received Overall
recorded under ‘Staff do not
treat me with respect’
2010 – 201158,8657,616
2011 – 201259,6778,979
2012 – 201367,98213,709
2013 -2014 (8 Mth)38,30111,611

I was unsurprised but still slightly taken back by the huge increase in such complaints in the past 20 months;

The reasons for this rapid rise are not available, but I consider their are a number of reasons for this; it could be one or more likely several of the speculations below –

claimants are more aware of their Right to complain and are using it – I think this is the reason the DWP…

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