Chancellor Calls for Labour Backing for Welfare ‘Reform’ and Making Young Parents look for Work.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Osborne with his children, who attend expensive Private School, St Pauls, in London.

Welfare Weekly reports.

George Osborne has urged progressive MPs in the Labour party to back his welfare changes in a critical Commons vote on Monday night, saying they should recognise that the proposals not only chime with the public but build on mainstream Labour thinking.

Writing in the Guardian, the chancellor calls on Labour to stop blaming the public for its defeat and recognise that welfare requires public consent.

Labour has plunged into a deep, week-long split over how to respond to Osborne’s welfare plans, with at least three of the leadership candidates, including Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, rejecting the interim Labour leader Harriet Harman’s plea for the party to abstain and back a lower welfare cap. Harman also said Labour should not oppose the restriction of tax credits to a claimant’s first two…

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