Lurching to the Left


“Lurching to the Left” blasts through the megaphone of myopia. The unimaginative, the mischief-makers and the plain selfish hear and attend. With all their might, misanthropic messengers peddle promises of perpetual fruit from a dying tree in an outpost they dare to call ‘the Centre’. These cankers would have you believe that any challenge to established thought is sinister – a direct threat to progress – as though socio-economic fabric is weakened by its weft and requires only their ideological warp.

Apparently it is backward to value socio-economic justice; extreme to desire ethical foreign policies; radical to seek sustainable alternatives. How gauche! How bloody left-field dare it!

This is no lurching to. It is but the understandable, essential and long-overdue recoiling from the arrogance and ignorance of a hardened right. It is an effort to straighten up. People are rejecting the idea that neo-liberal/-imperialist theories of perpetual competition and asymmetrical…

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