Help Needed To Resist Evictions Of Disabled Men

Same Difference

Readers, DPAC need our support.

On Monday 10th August we need activists to be at the Sweets Way Estate, Barnet, London, N20 0NT from 8 am to resist the eviction of a family with a disabled person as a member.

When you arrive at Sweets Way, you will see the gates of Sweatstopic when you arrive, that is the meeting point.

Cat from Sweets Way Resists writes:

On Monday Morning at 10, High Court bailiffs are coming for the last sweets way residents, Mostafa and his family. Mostafa is disabled and has fought and a long and hard battle with Barnet council in the court itself to be rehoused. Mostafa and his family have said they will resist eviction, with the help of Sweets Way Resists + Sweetstopi. Yet, we may be short on numbers s we have our own occupations to protect. Would you be interested in helping resist…

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