Britain’s Housing Crisis (Britain Invisible City)(Part-2)

Social Action 2014

Britain is in the middle of a housing crisis. The country is building only half the homes needed to tackle a severe housing shortage. In Britain, rising house prices have been willed by public policy over decades. The fallout for families, communities and business has been severe. And with the lack of new homes, house price increases are at their highest since before the recession. An invisible city of vulnerable and excluded people does exist in Britain today. Crisis has estimated that there are 380,000 hidden homeless people trapped in circumstances that leave them on the fringes of society. They live in hostels, squats and bed and breakfast accommodation or stay with friends or family. Their situation is not a temporary interlude – many are trapped in it for years. The average house price across the UK is now £273,000 and in London that figure is almost double, at £498,000…

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