Sanctions – they owe us £355million

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By Joan Grant

They owe us £355million
I was doing a bit of research of sanctions recently.

Over the past 5 or 6 years, sanctions have got more and more draconian, as you know.

Year                                                                         Amount Sanctioned £m
2009/10                                                                         11m
2010/11                                                                          43m
2011/12                                                                           45m
2012/13                                                                           60m

As you can see from this table, over the years leading up to October 2012, the amount that was taken from claimants by sanctioning increased from £11m to £60m.

But after the new sanctions regime was introduced in October 2012, claimants have been hammered more and more. During the period 2013/14 an astonishing £355million has been taken away from claimants by sanctioning.

It is just outrageous. It links in with the other information that we know about job centres having targets to sanction claimants. The Government saves more money by sanctioning than it does from individual cuts to the welfare budget. Just to give…

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