Why I registered to vote in the Labour Leadership election


I just received an email from Yvette Cooper for some reason and in the email it asked me to click a link to say why I paid the £3 to become a registered supporter to be able to vote in the Labour Leadership election. I was just going to write ‘To vote for Jeremy Corbyn’, but then this (below) just spilled out, it was all off the top of my head and took less than 5 minutes, anyway I thought I’d share it and ask those that read this -

Why did you register to be able to vote?

What would you like to see from the Labour Party?

What else would you add to what I wrote? Is there anything you disagree with? Is there anything you’d change?

Here’s what I wrote -

To support Jeremy Corbyn to return Labour back to its roots, back to an actual opposition/alternative…

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