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Do the disabled, unemployed, sick, vulnerable and low waged deserve to be victimised through the Government’s dismantling of the British Welfare System. The changing of the disability assessment procedure and the cancellation of peoples benefit payments really hit home to the extent that in the first year over 10,600 disadvantaged people believed that there was no other option but to take their own lives. R.I.P. brothers, sisters, comrades.

These people have been forced into suicide by a Government Department (DWP), run by a genocidal, egotistical despot who would not of been out of place in a German concentration camp. This so called man, loved every minute of the past 5 years pushing the limits of the benefits system well past an acceptable limit. He introduced the ‘Bedroom Tax’ which was aimed at the general public. Those who have an extra room are told to move to a smaller place or…

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