What does it mean to be ‘fit/unfit-to-work’?


For starters, the obsession with fitness/able-ness to work is abhorrent, this obsession of labelling how able/disabled someone is, is abhorrent, this obsession with defining ourselves, defining our ‘worth’, based upon being able to work is abhorrent, life ISN’T just about working, or at least it shouldn’t be.

There isn’t some universal magical line that separates someone or a health condition/disability as either being/causing someone to either be fit or unfit to work. All jobs require different physical abilities, different skills, different intellectual abilities, different mental abilities, different levels of physical/mental levels of energy or concentration, jobs require different emotional and/or personality attributes, different jobs require a whole host of a wide variety of different abilities, skills, capabilities, time, effort, availability etc. etc. Not only that but not all jobs are available in all parts of the country, not all jobs are flexible to circumstances, jobs don’t just require one of…

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