What can we expect from the very liberal New World Order – and how to resist it

Global Political Analysis

Mankind has arrived at a crossroads; a fact many of us have recognised by now. We can no longer afford focusing only on our own country, region, minority, party-politics, religion, race or on any factor that divides us. Our attempts to resolve our locally or thematically specific issues in isolation from the generic global trend will remain futile symptom-treatments. In order to set feasible goals and effective methods towards a better future, we need to investigate and eliminate the globally relevant root-causes behind all local issues.

Following Martin Luther King’s famous quote:
Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war
this post is to summarise – from all perspectives and with supporting references – our prospects in the very near future in the case we fail to live up to such ultimate moral demand of our times.

Under current New World…

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