What Jeremy ACTUALLY said and did…….by @costofcameron

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What Jeremy ACTUALLY said and did…..

With Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, the sly, devious Tories will take many of his words out of context and try to scaremonger. They or their mates in the press will also pick up on anything he does that seems wrong….when it wasn’t!


rugby world cup

Criticism of Jeremy for turning down a Rugby World Cup invite by some in the media, but he had more important things to attend to, than go to a freebie. Like constituents. Which is what he’s paid for! 

Rugby wc 2

From Daisy Barber: ”Jeremy Corbyn was criticised  for ‘snubbing’ the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, citing prior commitments. As Boris Jonhson put it “This is turning into a national joke…Come on Jezza: Scrum down for England.”

His prior commitment was a running weekly appointment to meet with his constituents. Yesterday he sat down for…

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