Experience of #TakeBackMCR


The following was written by Mark Holcroft | @MarkHolcroft

I’m a Labour Party member, although not very active I’m afraid. I took part in the demonstration on Sunday with my wife, and two children, and our dog. We took part because we’re sick of the Tories, sick of the arrogance and sick of the lie of austerity. On a personal note, I’m from Manchester, and lived through what the Tories did to us in the 80s. I’m enraged that they should come here. Manchester has no Tory MPs, and no Tory councillors.

We arrived at the rally early at about 12 and found a place in the March. It was electrifying to be among so many people who still cared and who wanted to make a difference. The music was great and Billy Brag was his usual lovable self. We set off on the march and broke off to get…

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