Embracing the Ex Tory Voter

I agree, I have to admit to having thought “I wonder how much thought she gave to those already suffering from Tory policy before she voted?” But in saying that my natural instinct is to feel empathy/compassion for her plight.

Turning the Tide

Going to secondary school in leafy affluent High Barnet, meant making friends from a different social strata than me. My dad worked as a meter reader and my mum a cleaner, and I lived in a two bedroomed council house. My friends parents worked as estate agents, solicitors, GPs, and bankers. Some of their hallways were as big as my lounge. Did I feel embarrassed by my humble origins? On the contrary – my Labour supporting republican mum had instilled in me a sense of pride in my working class heritage.


My mum turned to Labour after reading the Ragged trousered Philanthropist as a teenager. My dad, an Irish immigrant who’d left Ireland aged 8, didn’t share my mums politics. He was a liberal and a staunch royalist. This difference of opinion often led to heated rows, particular when elections came round; rows that most of our neighbours probably guessed…

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