Army recruiting at the Jobcentre. My concerns. 

“The only way out is to join the army or slowly die” (JB)

The poor side of life

A while ago I voiced my concerns on here about the army recruiting at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. I’m sure that this is common practice at quite a few Jobcentres but no one seems to want to speak about it.

When I first saw this I was very concerned. Not only because they were openly recruiting but the way in which they were doing so.

I and my comrades were approached by claimants walking in and out. The words of one claimant I have never forgotten. He said ” I was approached by a member of the army recruiting team. They said to me that there was nothing here for me, nothing at all going for me. I may as well give up.”

He then went on to say ” you’ve got no choice you’ve got to join the army. It’s the only thing for you to do. You won’t…

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