If you don’t want to be got, block

Turning the Tide

Many years ago I had a friend who dated a narcissist. In true narcissistic fashion she was extremely charming at first, but it soon became clear this woman had a massive ego. After a few months my friend broke up with her. It didn’t end there though. She couldn’t accept his decision so she cajoled him to take her back, and when that failed, blackmailed him with suicide threats. She told him every man she’d ever dated had wanted her back eventually and he’d be no different. I saw my friend age ten years in two months. Just like a vampire, she was draining him of his life force. Tragically she had a mental health issue, one that’s rarely diagnosed due to its very nature, and now he was developing a mental health issue as a result of her being in his life. When I saw him, after a gap…

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