Claimants To Lose DLA If Falsely Accused Of Fraud

I wouldn’t put it past the DWP to claim a report of fraud has been made, even if it never existed, just like those non-existant appt letters that “disappear” in the post.

Same Difference

Spotted here. Shared because of the seriousness and general madness of the policy.

From 28 October, where a claimant is investigated by the DWP as a result of a false accusation of fraud, they will automatically lose their DLA and be forced to make a claim for PIP, even if found to be entirely innocent. The new DWP policy is legally questionable and is likely to cause enormous distress to claimants, whilst rewarding hate-callers.

The change in DWP policy has come about because of the roll-out of PIP to existing claimants which begins at the end of this month.

According to PIP regulations, after 28 October if ‘a DLA entitled person . . . notifies the Secretary of State of a change of circumstances’ they will be ‘invited’ to claim PIP instead.

In other words, if you are getting DLA and you inform the DWP that your condition is…

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