Are people from within Labour, ironically, the biggest threat to Labour being elected?


The following was written by @mikeypie12

Labour’s Oedipus Complex

I was never an academic. I learned far more as a child from my grandparents, and at family gatherings where I’d listen to stories in the evening over the course of a winter by a red-hot turf-fire. They’d tell me stories about ancient heroes and the old ways. It’s unlucky to tell these stories during the day. Nonetheless, I found it inspiring. They’d give me books and teach me songs and that’s how I had my main education. They’d give me booze and teach me the catechism, and that’s how I had my theological education. Whilst, I wouldn’t describe them so much as religious people. I’d describe them as superstitious people. Or people contentedly hedging their bets. They didn’t care whether it’s a load of nonsense or not.

Why take the chance when the alternative is a red hot poker up…

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