The plutocracy of neoliberal orthodoxy is not the bodyguard of democracy but divisive patronage of profit


The following was written by Paul | @pwmcb

The message is clear, the motive is clear the outcome remains shrouded. This is a short comment on a theme and from the multitude of examples I have scratched the surface of just a few.

Corporate consolidation shrinks rather than diversifies choice

Corporate consolidation of markets under the guise of governments promoting competition is a misnomer, consolidation shrinks rather than diversifies choice, it’s not rocket science it’s simple arithmetic. The thematic ideology of embedding corporate legislature in civic life has been well defined (but by no means isolated) by opposition to TTIP, TTP, TISA and ISDS. The notion of legislation that enshrines the complicity of democratically elected governments to promote and protect corporate profiteering from national resources and services in effect replaces the democratic right of citizenship offering in its place compulsory patronage of organisations where the bottom line is always shareholder…

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