DWP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’



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The saga of the DWP’s fake psychometric test, forced on unwitting jobseekers under threat of ‘sanction’ (immediate cessation of benefits), continues.

After a series of conflicting denials and admissions, and finally an outright admission that jobseekers were ‘directed’ (instructed under threat of sanction) to take the test, I’ve received another remarkable FOI response – this one primarily about the qualifications of the people who ‘coached’ Jobcentre Plus (JCP) advisers how to select the jobseekers who were directed to take the test.

Psychological experiments require stringent ethical and quality controls, carried out by qualified and registered psychologists. The Division of Occupational Psychologists (DOP) of the British Psychological Society (BPS) has been in uproar about the fact that the DWP’s ‘test’ was not properly validated or administered, and the DWP’s senior psychologist is under investigation by the Health and Care Professions Council…

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