“The Truth”, “The State” and “The Citizen” – a modern day fairy story.


The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady


Once upon a time in a Principality far away, lived a princess.

The princess worked hard, she had two jobs. She paid her taxes to “The State”

The princess liked to help people. She did not like injustice in any form, whoever it was directed at.

The princess saw that there were lots of injustices directed at the ill, the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled citizens of the principality and beyond …

“Blimey” thought the princess, “all citizens are just one malignant cell, one car crash, one job loss away from having to rely on “The State”

The princess saw that “The State” newspapers and television did not tell the truth about the injustices being heaped on the citizens.

This made the princess very, very sad and angry.

The princess searched the world wide web for the truth about what “The State” was really doing to the citizens.


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