Spurned Labour right says, ‘If we can’t have you, no one will!’

You read my mind. I’ve been thinking this could do the Labour party damage in the next GE. People might really want to vote Labour, but just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the candidate who had behaved like that in last few yrs.

Turning the Tide

I am seriously trying to get my head round the behaviour of the right of the Labour Party.
I understand they feel shocked and rejected after Corbyn’s massive landslide win. The bit I struggle with is their need to shout their bitterness from the rooftops, or in this case from the front pages of the red tops. It’s just so undignified. They are starting to look like a lover who can’t accept they’ve been jilted. Even worse, they are starting to look like the type of jilted lover who lays all the blame for their rejection at everyone else’s door except their own.


Not for them a period of dignified silence as they lick their wounds in private. Of course not. If we are discovering anything about this wing of the party, it’s they crave attention. A dignified silence would earn them no publicity (and I’m not suggesting for a…

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