The Great Living Wage Robbery | By @TellMeTheEnemy


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“Cutting welfare spending is not the way to cut the budget deficit”

Saturday’s Daily Telegraph featured a piece Chancellor George Osborne and Minister of State for Employment Priti Patel, defending the government’s cuts to tax credits – “There’s no alternative to our tax credit cuts

Writing for The Telegraph – ever the beacon for affluent selfishness – is an odd choice, because they’re probably preaching to the converted; nevertheless, let’s have a look at a few gems from yesterday’s attempt at justifying this inequality-increasing decision.

After some regurgitation of the 4% of global GDP / 7% of global welfare spending statistics (irrelevant) we have the statement that:

“In the last parliament, we made important progress to bring the unsustainable bill for working-age welfare under control, introducing a benefits cap…

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